FW-1000 High Speed Filter Wheel

About the FW-1000

邢台福彩网ASI’s FW-1000 filter wheel utilizes a closed-loop DC servomotor to provide high speed (less than 40 milliseconds between adjacent positions) and low vibration operation (less than 3 x 10-4 kg-m2/s maximum vibration torque impulse). The unit employs a high-resolution rotary encoder for positional feedback and utilizes non-volatile flash memory to store programmable filter sequences and delays. Motion can be triggered by TTL input pulse, and the controller will output TTL sync pulse upon arrival at the commanded filter position. The closed loop design allows for precise control of speed and velocity profiles. Wheels are available to hold sixteen 25 mm, eight 25 mm, six 32 mm filters or four 40 mm filters. Optional high-speed shutters can be added, and multiple wheels can be controlled from a single controller. Adapters are available to attach the system to the excitation or emission ports of any research grade microscope, and the unit can be easily configured for OEM applications.

More Info

FW-1000 Features
  • Very low vibration
  • Fast switching (<40 ms between adjacent filter positions)
  • Simple TTL interface
  • RS-232 programmable filter sequence
  • Operates with standalone controller FW-1000-SA or our Tiger controller. Tiger controller will require Filterwheel card
  • Each Controller Module can operate two Filter Wheels
  • Excitation and emission adapters available for nearly all research-grade microscopes