SC-2000 Shutter Controller

About the SC-2000

One of the unique needs of video microscopy when using fluorescent labeled images is the ability to precisely limit exposure times. ASI’s shutter controllers provide both the precise control and the fast response times that are required when working with these dyes.
The SC-2000 is a two-channel shutter controller that provides several means for control of the shutters. Shutter can be activated from a front panel switch, from TTL signals, from foot switches, or via RS-232 serial computer control. In addition to simple on/off control, the controller can also be configured to provide a programmable fixed shutter exposure time. The unit is designed to work with either normally open or normally closed shutters in both the tungsten and ultraviolet light paths of the microscope.
The switches on the front panel of the SC-2000 controller allow the user to directly activate the shutters. LED’s display the state of each shutter.
邢台福彩网 Connections on the back panel provide for serial command, foot switch, and TTL trigger inputs for each shutter. Additionally, SYNC OUT signals indicate when the shutters are open (if used with shutters equipped with sync sensors). The controllers firmware is able to be updated via its serial port using a PC.

邢台福彩网We only provide controllers and shutter housings for Uniblitz VS25 series shutters. The shutters must be purchased separately from Vincent Associates. See 

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SC-2000 Features
  • SC-2000 can be operated manually, by foot switch, using remote triggers, or via computer control
  • Accepts standard ASCII commands to open or close either shutter
  • Works with normally open or normally closed shutters
  • Configurable for programmable shutter exposure times