SH-2 Shutter Controller Option

About the SH-2 Option

The SH-2 shutter card allows you to control the operation of two ASI shutters, and takes up a single slot in the Tiger Controller. Typically the SH-2 is used along with other modules, such as the FW-1000 filter wheel controller.

Shutters connected to the SH-2 can be controlled with the front panel toggle switch, with TTL inputs via BNC connectors on the front panel, by a foot switch connected to the same BNC connectors, and with RS-232 commands via the FW-1000 filter wheel controller (if one is installed in the same cabinet with the SH-2).

We only provide controllers and shutter housings for Uniblitz VS25 series shutters. The shutters must be purchased separately from Vincent Associates. See 

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SH-2 Specifications
Methods of Control Serial Interface, TTL or Footswitch, Front Panel Toggle Switch
Number of Shutter Channels per Card 2
0%-to-100% Opening Time from Trigger (N.C. shutter) 8 ms
100%-to-0% Closing Time from Trigger (N.O. shutter) 7 ms
Minimum 50%-to-50% Open Time (N.C. shutter) 5 ms
Minimum 50%-to-50% Closed Time (N.O. shutter) 13 ms
Minimum Total Window 0%-to-0% 14 ms
Minimum Trigger Width 7 ms
Peak Unsustained Repetition Rate 40 Hz
Maximum Sustained Repetition Rate 5 Hz
* Using 25 mm aperture shutters equipped with standard black Teflon® coated shutter blades.